Our vision

We envision an equitable and thriving world where everyone is valued, communities prosper, and the measured impact of our actions guides our decision making.

Our Mission

We change the world by helping others integrate measurable impact into decision making, channeling capital to solve social needs, and integrating data science and people-centered storytelling into all that we do.

As part of our mission to train future impact leaders, the Institute integrates academic programming and experiential learning into each of its practice areas. The Institute is proudly housed at the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business.

Our Strategy

We help integrate data-driven impact into decisions of:

  • Capital allocation
  • Public policy and spending
  • Corporate and social sector behavior

We catalyze impact by innovating, collaborating, educating, advocating, demonstrating, and inspiring change.

Impact & Prosperity Epicenter

Opening in the fall of 2024, the Impact & Prosperity Epicenter at the University of Utah will be a multidisciplinary hub for social impact, community engagement, and enterprise. It is designed to inspire and equip a diverse group of students and professionals driven by a shared vision for the betterment of people and the planet.

epicenter building