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We are proud to work with some of the most influential and consequential organizations in social and environmental impact across the globe.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Sorenson Impact Center for the last several years, seeking their expertise with financial modeling and structuring, and the experience has consistently been good. It’s team provides top-notch analytics, thoughtful feedback, and is incredibly responsive. They are also just very enjoyable to work with – we highly recommend them.”


Vice President and General Counsel, Institute for Child Success

“Sorenson Impact Center has changed the way the state of Colorado funds projects—it will be game-changing.”


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“If this were around when I was in school, I’d probably still be in school.”


“Sorenson Impact Center gave us a plan we can use, make decisions with, drive choices with.”


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“Sorenson Impact Center’s expertise and data-focused approach play a vital role in Columbus Community Center’s success. From feasibility study to business plan to our 2021 strategic plan, Sorenson’s partnership allows us to actualize our vision of creating a more inclusive community for our disabled clients. Our NextWork autism program and the launching of our Hub of Opportunity couldn’t have happened without their guidance. Impact is key. Sorenson’s work strengthens our community.”


CEO, Columbus Community Center
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“I had a vision that we could create a film to represent the magic we create at Fit to Recover. Through the process of filming, the center and our team at FTR overcame many obstacles, including COVID-19. Through almost two years of production, there were more than a handful of times that Austin asked us to trust him that the end-result would be worthwhile. We did, and it was all worth it. The team they have at Sorenson Impact Center made our story come to life with attention to detail and brilliant filmmaking.”


Executive Director, Fit to Recover

“The Sorenson Impact Center’s Early Childhood Needs Assessment in Summit County has helped galvanize our community to raise early childhood care and education as a critical priority going forward. The robust data provided alongside observations, recommendations, and successful examples in other communities serves as a valuable road map for the Early Childhood Alliance’s future efforts. We featured their findings alongside a national expert at our last event and it provided the perfect marriage between national and hyper-local information. The staff was delightful and well-informed and we look forward to future collaborations.”


Coordinator, Early Childhood Alliance
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