Luke Tuttle
Associate, Impact Finance

Following two years as a licensed stock broker specialized in equity compensation, Luke came on board Sorenson Impact Center in 2018. Since joining the Center, Luke has acted as a project manager as well as in a data science role helping clients to better measure and understand the impact of their work by aiding them in developing assessment frameworks, data infrastructure, and data literacy. 

Most recently, as a member of the Impact Finance team, Luke has managed Salt Lake County’s pay for success portfolio of projects. Known as HNJ and REACH, these projects, each of which include a six-year, randomized control trial, are focused on evaluating the success (i.e. costs savings) of novel approaches to addressing jail recidivism and homelessness within the County. As project manager, Luke coordinates between various stakeholders including local service providers, project funders, Salt Lake County government officials, and the project evaluation team to ensure that goals are met and community learnings are shared in order to provide the County with insights that will continue to provide value in addressing these issues well beyond the conclusion of the projects. 

Luke’s skills include data analysis, data visualization, data literacy education, financial literacy education, evaluation design and project management.