Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing

Catalytic capital is a powerful tool in making transformative change. It can mitigate risk and seed new ideas for impact investments seeking positive social and economic outcomes in addition to financial return. While the impact investing market has grown in recent years, additional sources of catalytic capital are needed to mobilize traditional return-seeking capital at scale to address pressing social needs and promote inclusive economic growth in the United States.

The Sorenson Impact Institute developed a series of white papers exploring three impactful federal policy options:

  • Unlocking Catalytic Capital: Federal Requirements for Outcomes-based Financing
  • Unlocking Catalytic Capital: United States Domestic Investment Fund (USDIF)
  • Unlocking Catalytic Capital: Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

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The Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing

Our Challenge

Produce white papers on federal policies to scale catalytic capital to support the growth of the impact investing sector.

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