The Other Side Academy
A strategy to measure and communicate the success and impact of a program.

By gathering research, using data analysis, and qualitative methods we can measure the impact of nonprofits and social services. The other Side Academy serves as non profit that uses these methods.

The Other Side Academy is a non-profit who uses the Therapeutic Community Model to reintegrate individuals with substance use issues back into society, but they’re not your typical rehab center. They use unique intervention methods and standards to support their students. They asked us to help develop a research-based process to assess their impact on graduates of their program.

Through a series of meetings, conversations, and convenings we were able to understand their goals and the methods they use to reach them. We helped them create a strategy to measure their impact while maintaining the authenticity of their work. Our research, reports, and strategic planning have allowed them to better communicate their success to the community.

Our Partners

The Other Side Academy

Our Challenge

The Other Side Academy wanted to measure the effects of their intervention methods to assess the impact of their program.

Our Work

The Sorenson Impact Center developed a research-based process based on information gathered through research, meetings, and interviews for the Other Side Academy to measure their impact.