The Impact Authenticity Score (IAS)

The Impact Evaluation Lab (IEL) and the Sorenson Impact Institute (SII) collaborated to refine and announce the Impact Authenticity Score (IAS), a comprehensive framework designed to address challenges in the impact investing sector, such as ‘impact washing.’ The IAS framework evaluates impact investment management teams based on Mission Authenticity, Impact Execution, and Financial Performance to ensure authentic strategies, diligent resource allocation, and successful achievement of anticipated returns.

A pilot test of the IAS framework involved the evaluation of leading impact investing funds across a range of fund sizes, geographic regions, and asset classes. Each evaluation included detailed questionnaires, supporting documents, and interviews with senior management teams. The results confirmed that most funds excel at integrating impact into their investment processes, though consistent post-investment evaluation remains crucial. Results from the pilot test were published in a co-authored white paper and announced at the 2024 Sorenson Impact Summit.
This project validated that the IAS framework has the potential to significantly enhance transparency, credibility, and alignment within the impact investing sector, driving positive social and environmental change.

Our Partners

Impact Evaluation Lab

Our Challenge

Introduce the Impact Authenticity Score (IAS) to tackle challenges like 'impact washing' in impact investing and showcase the IAS’s potential to enhance transparency and credibility in the sector.

Our Work

Pilot testing, Framework development, White paper