Raven Indigenous Capital Partners

The Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation (Raven) seeks to improve well-being and promote healing among Indigenous Peoples through research and the creation of supportive financial solutions centering on the needs, traditions, and voices of the First Nations of Canada. Raven developed a Community-Driven Outcomes Contract (C-DOC) for training an indigenous workforce and installation of geothermal units and other energy efficiency retrofits for the indigenous Dakota Nation of Sioux Valley in Manitoba Canada.

The Sorenson Impact Institute assisted Raven in the production of an investment memo and financial model reflecting the capital flow of the C-DOC as a pilot transaction for Raven’s upcoming outcomes based fund. The Institute also provided technical assistance and co-authored a thought paper on the outcome-based financing landscape in Canada.

Our Partners

Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners

Our Challenge

Provide thought partnership and technical assistance in financial modeling of environmental and workforce initiatives for indigenous communities.

Our Work

Financial Modeling Impact Valuation Qualitative Research Technical Assistance Thought Partnership