Hello Family: Early Childhood Pay for Success Project

The Institute for Child Success (ICS) sought to develop and fund a project to improve birth outcomes and kindergarten readiness, reduce child maltreatment, and enhance family stability outcomes in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The project uses four interventions over five years targeting community-based prenatal to age 8 services.

The Sorenson Impact Institute collaborated with ICS on project design and development, outcome selection and payment determination, economic and financial modeling and structuring, and investment material preparation. The engagement resulted in the design and successful launch of the Hello Family project at the end of 2021 and approximately $7.5 million in capital raised. The Hello Family project is currently in implementation through the end of 2025.

Our Partners

Institute for Child Success, Maycomb Capital, City of Spartanburg, S.C.

Our Challenge

Develop project design, outcome valuation and financial modeling to address family and child outcomes in Spartanburg, SC.

Our Work

Project Development Transaction Structuring Financial Modeling Outcome Selection and Valuation Societal Value Estimation