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Impact Storytelling


We integrate human-centered storytelling into all of our practice areas because we know stories can transform the world. Stories amplify, inform, and educate audiences in a way we can all relate to as human beings. For our partners, stories build trust, create connections, and most effectively illustrate to stakeholders their positive impact and outcomes as organizations.

Our solution

We harness the transformational power of stories to effectively communicate impact to key stakeholders. The Center is unique in that our industry-leading filmmakers, graphic designers, writers, and storytellers work in partnership with our impact investing, strategy, and finance teams to amplify the impact our clients have across the world.

We empower our partners to drive engagement and action through a wide array of narrative forms.

  • Human-centered film and video
  • Informative data visualization
  • Immersive graphic and motion design
  • Strategic impact communications and messaging

Sectors we are working in

Social service and environmental organizations

Private sector/for-profit organizations

Investment portfolios

Foundations and philanthropic portfolios

Impact Definition

Assess the current impact measurement process rooted in performance to date. Clarify theory of change and define associated key performance indicators.

How are we different?
We believe impact-focused storytelling is a unique art form all its own with practical, sustainable, and financial implications for our impact-oriented clients. We elevate storytelling alongside impact investing, strategy, and finance.
  • Our team includes full-time time impact filmmakers and designers who are integrated into all of our practice areas and projects.
  • We infuse our work for clients with the hyper-creativity, energy, and enthusiasm of film, design, and communications students into our storytelling operations.
Why storytelling matters to us
  • Everyone’s story has value. 
  • Authentic storytelling and design thinking can have a transformational impact on our world and on people’s lives. 
  • Change can be intentionally designed and we strive to do so by amplifying underserved voices and seeking to inspire a broad audience.

Impact Films

The Sorenson Impact Center is committed to showcasing innovative solutions to social problems utilizing the cutting edge of impact investing, impact measurement and data science. To date, the Center has launched 40 powerful short films.

woman smiling

SoLa Impact: Real Change in South Central L.A.

SoLa Impact has been recognized as a Forbes OZ 20 Grand Prize Winner for their transformative work in using opportunity zones to create jobs and deliver affordable housing for people and communities in South LA.

prisoners at graduation

Defy Ventures

With transformative efforts to reduce recidivism across 6 states, Defy Ventures is realizing already developed entrepreneurial skills of the incarcerated through a rigorous educational program that provides a fair “first chance” and an opportunity for success as inmates re-enter society.

Chid Liberty

Liberty and Justice

Inspired by the Women’s Peace Movement that ended Liberia’s ravaging civil war, social entrepreneur Chid Liberty returned to Liberia in 2010 to start the first fair trade apparel manufacturing company in Africa.

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