How we can help you achieve your impact vision.

Practice Areas

The Sorenson Impact Institute helps organizations by connecting capital to social and environmental solutions, helping organizations measure, report, and improve impact, and integrating people-centered storytelling into all that we do.

Impact Definition

Assess the current impact measurement process rooted in performance to date. Clarify theory of change and define associated key performance indicators.

Impact Investing

We believe every investment has impact – positive or negative, intended or unintended. We believe that capital can be one of the largest levers for change when purposefully deployed. We believe social and environmental impact need not come at the expense of financial returns. We believe purposefully deployed private capital can create social and environmental impact, and generate positive, risk-adjusted, financial returns.

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Impact Strategy

For businesses and organizations today, creating a positive social impact is directly tied to sustainability and growth. But how can organizations transition their business strategy to prioritize social good and fully account for the resources they are applying toward impact?

Our impact measurement and strategy team helps organizations identify a strategic approach to achieve your impact vision.

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Impact Measurement and Reporting

We help our partners create rigorous impact measurement and reporting systems to know, show, and grow their impact.

Stakeholders want transparency from organizations in how their decisions and actions impact people and the planet. Sustainability and viability are increasingly tied to how organizations respond to these growing stakeholder demands where trust in the validity of measurement and reporting is key. The depth, clarity, and rigor required to earn that trust are a cornerstone of our work.

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Impact Finance

Traditional philanthropic and government organizations alone cannot adequately fund solutions to pressing community and global challenges, such as those the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seeks to address. Finding solutions requires innovation to align the interests and goals of the public, social and private sectors.

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Impact Storytelling

We integrate human-centered storytelling into all of our practice areas because we know stories can transform the world. Stories amplify, inform, and educate audiences in a way we can all relate to as human beings. For our partners, stories build trust, create connections, and most effectively illustrate to stakeholders their positive impact and outcomes as organizations.

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Our work

Our work across multiple areas of impact expertise across the globe has helped our partners fully realize their impact vision.

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Impact Events

As part of our mission to amplify, inform, and collaborate on impact, the Institute facilitates world-class convenings on the multiple sectors that influence the space and our outcomes.

Featured updates

Expanding Our Impact: Introducing the Sorenson Impact Institute

Expanding Our Impact: Introducing the Sorenson Impact Institute

For over two decades, the Sorenson Impact Center has partnered with people and organizations who share our vision for a better world. We come to work every day to help solve the most significant challenges of our lifetime. As the University of Utah’s newest institute on campus, we look forward to advancing this work.