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5 Impact Thought Leaders Share Their Vision for a Regenerative Future

The annual Sorenson Impact Summit convenes global impact leaders, innovators, and practitioners to explore solutions to some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. The 2024 Summit theme, Elevating Impact for a Regenerative Future, invites participants to think beyond a net-zero mindset toward creating a future of truly regenerative, equitable, and thriving ecosystems for people and planet. To gear up for this year’s convening, June 5-8 in Park City, Utah, we caught up with five thought leaders who will take the Summit stage. They will lead critical conversations, share examples of their work, and propose innovative, actionable solutions on topics such as bridging the wealth gap, achieving impact in the public markets, and harnessing the power of technological advancements. Watch the clips below as they share their visions for a more just, sustainable, and regenerative future — and how their work is helping to attain that.

Ashley Bell, Esq | Chairman of the Board and CEO, Redemption Holding Company

“It takes a forward-thinking approach to think of the least, the last, and the left behind, to find a way for economic opportunity to reach everyone, to make capitalism reach its truest potential.”

Ashley Bell, Esq. is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer for Redemption Holding Company, a Black-owned holding company that recently announced its agreement to purchase Utah-based Holladay Bank and Trust, marking the first time in American history that an existing commercial bank will become a Black-owned Minority Depository Institution through acquisition. Ashley is also the Founder and CEO of Ready Finance, Inc., the new financial technology company that is disrupting the mortgage industry by pioneering a new path to homeownership that eliminates the need for credit scores.

Nalini Narkarni | Ecologist & Senior Fellow, Sorenson Impact Institute

“My vision of a just, sustainable, and regenerative future is having processes and structures that provide for the existing but currently separated threads of the worlds of science-based environmental practices and impact investing to interweave in synergistic ways.”

Nalini Narkarni is an academic scientist who studies rainforest ecology. Nalini is a Sorenson Impact Institute Senior Fellow in Residence who brings her expertise, experiences, and contacts in ecology, conservation biology, and the environment to the Institute to create new pathways to connect ecological actions and programs with the power and mission of impact investment.

Louis Dubin | Managing Partner, Redbrick LMD

“Triple-bottom-line investors and return on investments are important, but just as important is the social impact we have, as well as the environmental impact.”

Louis Dubin is a Managing Partner at Redbrick LMD, a Washington, D.C.-based real estate operating investment and development company. Redbrick’s philosophy is to connect investor capital to compelling real estate development projects with sustainability, economic opportunities, and health and wellness features that far exceed other buildings in the D.C. metropolitan area. Louis merged his firm, LMD Worldwide, with Redbrick in 2013. He has invested over $2 billion of equity in U.S.-based real estate assets and over $1 billion internationally, with a gross value of approximately $4-5 billion.

Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen | CEO, Sceye

“We want to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world by exploring new territory, the stratosphere, which has the greatest potential to progress life on Earth.”

Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Widely recognized as one of the first humanitarian entrepreneurs, Mikkel has started and grown multiple material science companies whose mission is to benefit humanity. He is the founder and CEO of the aerospace company Sceye, as well as the founder and owner of public health companies LifeStraw and Vestergaard.

Rob Harley | Portfolio Manager, Stewart Investors

“Having a long view stops us from succumbing to despair and despondency. Let’s remember Mother Earth is four and a half billion years old. She’s been through an awful lot of turmoil and upheaval. Yet, here we are, still a lot closer to the beginning of history than the end.”

Rob Harley is a Portfolio Manager at Stewart Investors — a team of long-term equity investors in companies contributing to sustainable development. Rob is the Lead Manager of the European Sustainability strategy. Previously, Rob worked in various investment management roles for ten years and in the not-for-profit sustainable development sector for eight years.

The 2024 Sorenson Impact Summit, June 5-8 in Park City, Utah, features 70 speakers and more than 20 thought-provoking sessions. Learn more and explore the agenda here.